A Bewildering Vet Visit

Our newest baby rescue kitties endured their first vet visit. Shouting staff members, running kids and vomiting dogs forced little Sonny and JoJo to ask – “Are you ‘kitten’ me? Why does the experience have to be so bewildering?” Just like human healthcare, the petcare patient experience is often littered with nonsense. What can we do as ‘advocats’ for our little friends? Tune in.



11 + 2 = 13

Oh no you didn’t!

Oh YES – we did.

Couldn’t stand the thought of someone adopting one and not the other. So off to the shelter we headed to pick up brother and sister Sonny and JoJo. These two had two more outdoor siblings that most likely were lost to a couple of roving neighborhood coyotes. What a joy for us to welcome them to the crew. 

Does this mean we are now Thirteen Cats Radio? 


A Spiteful Cat Poop Story on Facebook

Whodini wondered why I was getting irritated while skimming through Facebook last week. She could see me shaking my head and heard me muttering to myself. She asked – “What’s wrong?”

Well – tune in to this double segment show where we share a Facebook conversation between a gal who wants to rid her yard of cats and cat poop and will do whatever it takes to get the job done – including a suggestion simply stated ‘Smith and Wesson’. We take that mean spirit and turn it into a positive healing lesson when some suggests Ho’oponopono – a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. 







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Becoming an AdvoCat – Five Vets, No Diagnosis and Price Transparency

When vet #3 said perhaps a fly laid an egg in the cat’s nose – I knew we were in la-la-land.

In this special two part show that originally aired on the nationally syndicated radio program ‘Speak Up and Stay Alive’, patient safety expert and host Pat Rullo Advo’cats’ for her kitten Whodini.

Part I – After 10 months of snorting and five different vet encounters, Pat and Dr. Google diagnose a nasopharyngeal polyp. Her conclusion? Petcare and vetcare are no different that human healthcare.

Part II – Pat the ‘AdvoCat’ shares the 5th veterinarian who finally diagnoses and removes a nasopharyngeal polyp from Whodini. Not only must you advocate for your human loved ones – your pets need you to advocate for them too. And always ask for price transparency – HOW MUCH IS THAT?



In Memoriam – Lucky

Lucky is a Jack Russell Terrier who narrowly escaped an early death after his human abandoned him in San Diego, and who lived on to radiate his sacred self and bring joy to everyone he met for the next fourteen years. 









Stop Killing Cats

We cheated! Today’s episode is a wee bit longer than 11 minutes. But the topic of killing innocent cats is so worth the extra time.  We must stop the madness and educate every single human being until shelter killings end. Convenience euthanasia = MURDER! Let’s spread the word about TNR. Let’s offer those who surrender their pet some decent alternatives. Please share this episode on Twitter, Facebook and more.



In Memoriam~Juniper

Little Juniper went over the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 after a sudden illness. She lived on the streets of New York City until rescued in 2011 where she enjoyed a happy life filled with loving human adults, children, two dogs and a hamster. 

She is best known for hiding in the laundry hamper, knocking silverware off of the table and stashing dog food behind the dining room curtains.

Her absence leaves a hole in our family that we can only hope will be filled by our happy memories.

Rest in Peace little lady.


Mom, Dad, Becca, Sam, Nadia, Whiskers, Ruff and Ready


Cool Cat Toys for a Dollar









Put your cat glasses on and head over to the Dollar Store where you can rustle up some cool finds for your cat for just a buck. Because these items are not designed specifically for cats and cat safety, please use these toys during ‘Adult Supervised Playtime’ only. This makes playtime safe and extra special because the toys aren’t available all of the time, and when they are – your cat associates them with having fun with you.

 And ‘no’ we are not affiliated with any Dollar Store in any way.



Put your cat glasses on and feel what it might be like to be your cat. Do you feel loved, safe, clean, happy and well fed? Or are you frightened by spray bottles, forced to eat cold food out of dirty dishes, thirsty for fresh water?

It’s all about RESPECT.



Save the Couch or Save the Cat? Declawing Demystified

A little cat named Minus asks why her paws hurt so badly when she tries to use the litter box. Sadly – we share some insight into what it really means to a cat to be involuntarily declawed. Put your cat glasses on and view this amputation from a cat’s perspective. And please share with your circle of cat friends.