A Bewildering Vet Visit

Our newest baby rescue kitties endured their first vet visit. Shouting staff members, running kids and vomiting dogs forced little Sonny and JoJo to ask – “Are you ‘kitten’ me? Why does the experience have to be so bewildering?” Just like human healthcare, the petcare patient experience is often littered with nonsense. What can we do as ‘advocats’ for our little friends? Tune in.



Becoming an AdvoCat – Five Vets, No Diagnosis and Price Transparency

When vet #3 said perhaps a fly laid an egg in the cat’s nose – I knew we were in la-la-land.

In this special two part show that originally aired on the nationally syndicated radio program ‘Speak Up and Stay Alive’, patient safety expert and host Pat Rullo Advo’cats’ for her kitten Whodini.

Part I – After 10 months of snorting and five different vet encounters, Pat and Dr. Google diagnose a nasopharyngeal polyp. Her conclusion? Petcare and vetcare are no different that human healthcare.

Part II – Pat the ‘AdvoCat’ shares the 5th veterinarian who finally diagnoses and removes a nasopharyngeal polyp from Whodini. Not only must you advocate for your human loved ones – your pets need you to advocate for them too. And always ask for price transparency – HOW MUCH IS THAT?